Best Photo Spot in Yogyakarta

Are you planning to have a vacation to help yourself relieve stress from every day’s works? If the answer is yes, then Yogyakarta, Indonesia can be a great place to go. This city offers various tourist attractions, especially for photography enthusiasts. In the following paragraph we will give suggestions about some of photo spot in Yogyakarta you can visit during your trip to the city.

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  • Admiring the awesome Sri Gethuk Waterfall: this waterfall is believed to be the origin of a traditional music instrument of spirits that protect the region called Kethuk. You can get to the waterfall from the parking lots by rafting up to Oya River or walking through a forest of Jati woods. Once you reach the waterfall, prepare yourself for a breath-taking view of water falling into rock formations below. Certainly a wonderful place to capture nature’s beauty. You can also swim in this waterfall and get to feel the freshness of the water.
  • Capturing sceneries at Umbul Ponggok: in this place there is a rectangular pool that look like an ordinary public pool. But once you enter the pool to swim you will see many extraordinary properties, such as chairs, motorcycle, and even desk, accompanied with beautiful freshwater fishes swimming around the pool. You can rent both snorkeling kit and underwater camera to capture unique photo of motorcycling underwater, studying underwater, or simply taking pictures with groups of colorful fishes. This place offers a great experience, especially for photo enthusiasts as you can create extraordinary poses and photos to be upload on your social media.
  • Taking pictures in Taman Sari: this water fortress was constructed by Portuguese when they resided Java as a present for Sultan Hamengku Buwono I’s wives, the king of Yogyakarta kingdom hundreds years ago. This water fortress consists of numerous swimming pools at the center of the courtyard. There is also a castle tower that will present you a stunning view, especially for photography. Several steps down, you will be greeted with Tajug, an underground catacombs that was used as bunkers during the era of war.
  • Capturing the beautiful lampions at Taman Pelangi: situated in Monumen Jogja Kembali’s yard, Taman Pelangi, or translated literally as Rainbow Garden, provides numerous colorful lampions with various shape surrounding the park. There are two gates in this park, the eastern hate and the western gate. It is recommended to start on the east gate, because you will be greeted with a large lampions in rainbow shape. You can take a lot of beautiful and memorable pictures in this garden. There are also some attractions, such as bom-bom car, speedboat, water balls, rowboat, mini pedicap, and trampoline.

The list above already explain about some of tourism objects in Yogyakarta that offer great sceneries to be captured with your camera. There are still a lot of picturesque places available in Yogyakarta. However, the places mentioned above should be a good representative, especially of you only have short time.


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